Highest Good Wellness

Highest Good Wellness offers holistic solutions for your Whole Life.


Rejuvenate, Recalibrate, Celebrate


REIKI and aromatherapy

Reiki is a no-touch or light-touch healing modality in which the practitioner channels Divine Energy through the Crown Chakra and out through the palms to the recipient. Because Reiki uses Divine Energy, it can only do the Highest Good. One need only to be willing to receive and trust in the flow of that energy to address what the mind, body, and spirit most need.

Tarot and oracle cards

Oracle Cards and the Tarot are tools that can help provide insight into how our energy is working in our lives and in the situations we most care about. While they can be used as diviners of truth and predictors of outcomes, the daily practical application of readings functions much more like a mirror of where we are at any given moment—showing us how we’re presenting and showing up in our own lives.

Holistic life coaching

With a focus on Empowerment and Conscious Co-Creation of the Life you want to live based on how you want to feel, we’ll explore a variety of approaches and supporting resources that take into account how the whole of the life you’re currently living functions and determine how best to help you make incremental adjustments to achieve the balance and alignment that will serve your highest good.