ReikI and aromatherapy

Reiki is a no-touch or light-touch healing modality in which the practitioner channels Divine Energy through the Crown Chakra and out through the palms to the recipient. Because Reiki uses Divine Energy, it can only do the Highest Good. One need only to be willing to receive and trust in the flow of that energy to address what the mind, body, and spirit most need. It is not contingent upon time, space, or even physical proximity, so distance or virtual sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. While it is not a replacement for medical consultations with a physician or other medical professional, it is a long-standing, ancient practice that has gained credibility in many medical and scientific communities. Some studies have shown its contribution to improved health in some patients. Reiki treatments may support your improved health goals—be they spiritual, mental, or physical—when received in concert with other interventions.

Thirty-minute and 60-minute sessions are available in addition to 10-minute Chakra Balancing and Energy-Clearing sessions. Aromatherapy and Crystal healing can be incorporated into any session per request. Services can be received in person, by appointment at or via Skype/Facetime, or Phone. 

10-minute session: 10.00
30-minute session: 30.00
60-minute session: 60.00
+ Aromatherapy: 5.00

If services are being received in person, payment is due at the time of service. If service is being received via distance, it must be received 48 hours prior. 

*Any or all of services can be provided for parties of three or more. I will travel limited, regional distances to offer Reiki/Crystal Reiki/Aromatherapy, Holistic Life Coaching Consultations, and Tarot or Oracle Card readings for groups. This is an ideal option for Work Retreats, Parties, friends’ getaways, and Bridal showers. I will bring my own supplies for Reiki and/or Readings, but a separate room or area must be available for individual sessions. Alcohol consumption by members receiving Reiki or Readings should be restricted to after sessions have been completed, as drinking can affect clarity and spiritual energy transmission in unpredictable ways. Prices vary by size of group and services requested for each participant. Payment must be received at least 72 hours before date of event.

accredited by reiki org