Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards and the Tarot are tools that can help provide insight into how our energy is working in our lives and in the situations we most care about. While they can be used as diviners of truth and predictors of outcomes, the daily practical application of readings functions much more like a mirror of where we are at any given moment—showing us how we’re presenting and showing up in our own lives. While readings are a standalone offering, they would be even more effective in the context of Holistic Life Coaching and/or Reiki treatments. 

Several reading options are available from simple, ten-minute sessions to more complex, hour-long offerings that use multiple decks. 

Simple one-card reading (10 minutes or less): 7.00
Three card-reading (15-20 minutes): 20.00
Five-card reading (20-30 minutes): 30.00
More Complex Tarot Spread (7-10 cards/30 minutes to 45 minutes): 50.00 - 60.00
Complex Tarot and Oracle Card Hybrid reading (at least five cards from each/at least 45 minutes to an hour): 60.00 -80.00

If service is being offered via phone or Skype, payment must be received 48 hours prior to appointment. A Tarot or Oracle Card reading can be added to a distance or in-person Reiki Session or Life Coaching Session at a slightly discounted cost, which will vary depending upon length and complexity of reading requested.

In addition to these physical decks, I have several in app format that I use for readings. More information regarding available decks will be shared at the time a reading appointment is made.

*Any or all of services can be provided for parties of three or more. I will travel limited, regional distances to offer Reiki/Crystal Reiki/Aromatherapy, Holistic Life Coaching Consultations, and Tarot or Oracle Card readings for groups. This is an ideal option for Work Retreats, Parties, friends’ getaways, and Bridal showers. I will bring my own supplies for Reiki and/or Readings, but a separate room or area must be available for individual sessions. Alcohol consumption by members receiving Reiki or Readings should be restricted to after sessions have been completed, as drinking can affect clarity and spiritual energy transmission in unpredictable ways. Prices vary by size of group and services requested for each participant. Payment must be received at least 72 hours before date of event.